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Laser Defense Eyewear


The Standard in Laser Defense Eyewear: Answering the need for complete protection against red, blue and green laser strikes.

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Advanced Laser Defense Eyewear 

PerriQuest Laser Defense Eyewear® laser-blocking glasses with low-vision-impact are a cost-effective mitigation against laser flashing incidents.  Designed with pilots, law enforcement and transportation workers in mind, PerriQuest Laser Defense Eyewear® provides stylish, wearable, and easy-to-use laser-dazzle protection.  PerriQuest Laser Defense Eyewear® frames are super-strong, lightweight titanium metal. PerriQuest Laser Defense Eyewear® offers the ultimate in visual acuity using glass lenses.

Please note that individual sales on the website will be limited to licensed pilot initially.  All others with aviation affiliates interested in purchasing the laser defense eyewear please contact us directly.


PerriQuest Night

PerriQuest Night

PerriQuest® nightwear is designed to combine three-wavelength laser blocking coverage with high ambient light and more red spectrum to preserve maximum visual acuity and night vision.

PerriQuest Day

PerriQuest Day

PerriQuest® daywear is designed to combine three-wavelength laser blocking coverage with sun protection and UV-blocking for daytime use.


Cockpit view seen through PerriQuest Laser Defense Nightwear Eyewear® shows only minor color shifts when pilot is protected from red, green and blue laser strikes. Drag the bar to the left to experience the color shift that occurs for this scene with PerriQuest® protective lenses.

Without protection With protection

Simulated image. Individual experience may vary.

Features and Benefits

Multi-Wavelength Spectrum Protection

Blocks red, green and blue laser light.

Prescription Lenses Available

Please contact us to learn more.

High Range

Blocks laser beams incoming directly and at high incident angles.

Color Discrimination

Maintains cockpit, other aircraft and airport lighting color discrimination.

UV Protection

Daywear provides full UV protection.

Light Transmission

Nightwear provides high ambient light transmission.

Precision Optics

The ultimate in visual acuity using glass lenses.

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Problem and Solution Laser Strikes

PerriQuest™ has developed precision filter technology to address the threat of laser strikes. Comfortable and stylish, PerriQuest Laser Defense Eyewear™ provides the wearer dazzle protection from red, green and blue lasers, while maintaining color discrimination.

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Case Study: Problem & Solution